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How to Give Back to Your Community with the iSponsor App


08/12/21, 2:54pm

Our app, built for you.

Our shopping gateway; app, web and in-store channels, are revolutionising fundraising. iSponsor is changing the way groups raise money, how shoppers give back consciously and how businesses can be more socially responsible.

three mockups of the iSponsor app to demonstrate how you shop to give back.

Step 1: Download the app

iSponsor is a FREE fundraising app that turns your everyday spending into fundraising dollars. We provide over 900+ brands at your fingertips ready to shop at and sponsor your chosen group. We give consumers the power to use their spending for good. 

2. Create an account

Users register for an iSponsor supporters account. This is your key to the app and the iSponsor shopping platform. 

3. Register your bank card

We need to know our users card details so that when you shop using that card, the sponsorship funds come back to your chosen iSponsor group. Everything is very secure and safe. Your card details are sent straight to Visa and Mastercard – iSponsor does not store your card details.

4. Select who you support

You can choose who your shopping supports with your spending going towards the fundraising totals for your active group. iSponsor is proud to support over 1000 groups in Australia, from small local sporting clubs to national charities. 

5. Shop online or in-store with your registered cards

Users shop for everything on the app –  from food, fashion to electronics. If it can be paid for with a bank card, it can be bought on iSponsor.

When a purchase is made online through the app, or in-store using your registered Visa or Mastercard, your chosen group will receive a percentage of the purchase. Give back to your community and shop consciously at no extra cost to you.

6. Money goes back to the groups you support

You can track the impact of your purchases on the leaderboard. Groups can follow along with their supporters’ fundraising efforts and businesses can see the return on their investment. 

Download today and start shopping to start giving.

Find out more about iSponsor HERE.