Creating empowered groups.

Year-round grassroots fundraising.

Connecting business and communities.

Growing your business through social responsibility.

Fundraising revolutionized.

iSponsor is a shopping gateway that serves as a fundraising and sponsorship platform for groups and businesses. We turn everyday spending into fundraising dollars.

Giving communities the tools to thrive.

Turning everyday spending into fundraising dollars.

Giving made easy.

A culture of innovation forged out of adversity.

Traditional fundraising can rely on:

  • Volunteers
  • Time and money
  • Ability to run events
  • Donor commitment
  • Building partnerships




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Tools For Success

success manager

We support you every step of the way. Your dedicated success manager will help you approach local businesses to sponsor you exclusively, provide you with tips and tricks to engage your network and be available on call or via email with any questions you may have. Lean on us to ensure your success; we rise up together.

Access to our
easy to use platform

iSponsor is a FREE fundraising platform that requires no extra time, effort, or money. We’ve done the hard work for you; as an iSponsor group you can make the most of our strong business partnerships. We provide over 900+ brands at your fingertips ready to sponsor your group.


An advertising platform for your group so your members, supporters, friends, and family find you easily and choose you as their fundraising recipient. You will be able to track monthly, yearly and all-time contributions from your network. 

Marketing & social media support

We provide you with everything you need to make your iSponsor journey a success. From personalized social media posts to promotional letters and posters, we make sure your marketing arsenal is full.

We are invested in your growth

  • We are with you every step of the way
  • We empower you and your community
  • A caring and supportive iSponsor team

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Our Impact — A case study of one of our sporting clubs in Australia

Maribyrnong Park
Football Club

Joined iSponsor in 2020

Raised on average AUD$24 per active user per
over 6 months

10+ local businesses sponsoring the club exclusively

Just over 250 registered users supporting the club on the app

Tony Fisher, ex-club committee member has headed the take-up of iSponsor by the club

Over the course of 2021 in fundraising terms we have earnt just over AUD$1,600, funds the club would otherwise not have had access to, and look forward to this growing as additional sponsors and members join and they continue to explore the platform.

“We chose to join iSponsor as we saw it as not only a great new way to fundraise, especially given the funding difficulties faced over the last 18 months due to COVID, but also a great way to engage our members, participants, and local sponsors. It also gives the club the ability to earn funds every day of the year whereas traditional fundraising is restricted to ‘in season’ activities.”

Tony’s Steps for Success


– Get 2-3 committee members onboard

– Get an in-store exclusive sponsor

– Make a purchase through iSponsor

– Use this purchase to motivate
other supporters to shop
through iSponsor

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