Fundraising revolutionised.

iSponsor is a shopping gateway that serves as a fundraising and sponsorship platform for groups and businesses. We turn everyday spending into fundraising dollars.

Giving communities the tools to thrive.

A culture of innovation forged out of adversity.

Giving made easy.

Turning everyday spending into fundraising dollars.

Creating empowered groups.

Year-round grassroots fundraising.

Connecting business and communities.

Growing your business through social responsibility.


  • Our shopping gateway; app, web and in-store channels, are changing the way groups raise money by turning your everyday spending into constant income.
  • We are on a mission to give groups the tools they need to thrive; growing stronger, more resilient communities.
  • We support groups of all sizes, from local sporting clubs to global charities.
    • 900+ sponsors ready to use immediately including all the brands you know and love.

    Fundraising made simple


    • We offer a socially responsible way for businesses to give back to the community, who in turn will support you.
    • The iSponsor platform turns your sales into sponsorship dollars; we give you the freedom to choose how much you donate.
    • Our risk-free sponsorship model means that your financial contributions are tied to increased sales at your business from iSponsor members.
    • We are here to help grow the sales and customer base of your businesses.
    • The app is an advertising and marketing platform that amplifies the reach of socially responsible businesses.
    • Businesses on the iSponsor platform are a part of a growing community that cares about social impact.
    • See a guaranteed return on your investment.

    Risk free sponsorship

    Creating Community

    • iSponsor is on a mission to support local communities, grow local businesses, and create a meaningful reciprocal connection between the two.
    • Our innovative shopping platform – our app, web and in-store channels – turn your spending into giving.
    • Giving consumers the power to use their spending for good.
    • Promoting conscious shopping.
    • We are the future of fundraising.

    Giving made easy

    Over 1000 groups
    using iSponsor

    Over 900
    brands on the app

    An ever growing

    Thousands already
    using the app

    How to get involved

    Get the app    01

    The free iSponsor app is an easy to use shopping platform that turns spending into fundraising dollars. When you download the app, you get access to tools that bring fundraising dollars to your group, give meaning to your spending or grow your business.

    Shop with iSponsor    02

    You can shop for everything on the app – from food, fashion to electronics. If you can pay for it with a bank card, you can buy it through iSponsor.

    When a purchase is made online through the app, or in-store using your registered Visa or Mastercard, your group will receive a percentage of the purchase.

    This means more money for the groups and more customers for the business.

    Track your contribution   03

    Shoppers can track the impact of their purchases, groups can follow along with their supporters fundraising efforts and businesses can see the return on their investment.

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