user accounts.

How can I reset my password?

In your profile, click on settings and then change the password. Click on the forgot password section on the App. Enter your email address and click reset your password. Check your email inbox and click the link “click here to go to the website. You will need to choose a new password and you will need to confirm the password. Ensure that you choose a capital letter and a character for your password. Once complete, “click here to login”, using your new email and or password. You should now be able to log in. 

What if I use more than 1 credit card?

Good news – more than one card can be registered on the app! As an example you could have two Visa, two Mastercard cards and one Amex.

How many credit cards can I register?

Good news – more than one card can be registered on the app! You can have two Visa and two Mastercard cards in the US. 

I’ve linked my card with my iSponsor account, now what?

Great news! Now it’s time to start shopping to start giving. 

How do I remove or unlink my card?

You can remove your card at any time and instantly by tapping the rubbish bin icon in the cards section of the app.

My bank provider does not appear in your list of providers.

That’s fine, just select “Other”.

How do I know where my sponsorship money is going?

You can see in your profile, on your leaderboard, and at the top of your screen, that there should be a logo, if not there are many causes you can support to select as your ‘default’ group. 

How can I share iSponsor with my community?

Through your social media audience or get in touch with the iSponsor team to arrange a bulk SMS to your group. You can also share the app with your friends using the ‘share with friends’ button in your profile. We have found that word of mouth is also a great way to build trust in your community.

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