Where do my card details go?

When you link a card in the iSponsor app, your card details are secured by third-party bank-level PCI-compliant services to facilitate the encryption of your card details. iSponsor will never have access to your full card details. Your card information are replaced with X’s except for the last 4 digits of your card number and the card’s expiry date. The reason we display it like this is for you to see which card you have linked. As well, so that we can remind you when your card has or is about to expire, so you can link a new one. Seeing as we don’t store your CVV number, once the card is encrypted, we can’t see the details, accidentally use it in a transaction, or access it, and neither can anyone else. 

Is my card safe?

Not only are your card details safe with Amex, Visa and Mastercard, but our app is protected by a comprehensive security regime where we encrypt all your sensitive data displayed with X’s except for your last 4 digits – so you can recognize your card.

Is our data safe? Email address and phone number?

This is kept in a CRM just the same as any large organisation. iSponsor wants you to use iSponsor so we will keep your data all to ourselves. 

Who owns the data?

At iSponsor we are committed to consumer privacy. This is paramount to us, especially as users of our app. We do not sell your data, as your privacy is our privacy and it will always come first.

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