Sponsorship for Charities is Made Simple with iSponsor.


02/02/22, 9:27am

Sponsorship for Charities is Made Simple with the Help of iSponsor. By using the iSponsor giving platform, you can add even more power to your organisation’s fundraising. That means worrying less about having to raise money, and spending more time investing in your mission. 

iSponsor is here to help grow local charities everywhere through the iSponsor giving platform. Download the iSponsor app for free today.

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Fundraising made simple

iSponsor makes the process of raising funds easy, so that you can focus on what is important – growing your organisation. Learn more.

Free, easy to use giving platform 

iSponsor’s giving platform is free to register and use. We take a small fee and the rest goes back to your organisation to invest in your mission. Register your interest here.

Reach more people

iSponsor does all the hard work in building relationships with local businesses so you can focus on what matters to you. Learn more.

The newest giving platform in fundraising

By registering with iSponsor you will have a new, captive audience – putting your cause in front of more eyes than ever before.

iSponsor is committed to helping charities right across Australia, and the world.

Did you know there are more than 56,000 registered charities in Australia alone – and that number is growing by 4% each year? With so many great causes people can choose to support, it has never been more important to make sure your charity is being noticed. Learn more about how the iSponsor platform can increase your supporter base and boost your fundraising.

Diverse group of volunteers organizing boxes during help and donations event. Sponsorship for Charities is Made Simple with iSponsor.

Frequently asked questions from charities 

Does iSponsor cost anything?

No, iSponsor is 100% free for local sporting clubs and charitable organisations to use – meaning you can focus on what is important. We connect local businesses with your organisation through our easy to use app.  

What if my charity doesn’t know any businesses that would like to sponsor us?

That’s not a problem at all. Our team at iSponsor can link your organisation with relevant local business and sponsors and do all of the hard work for you.

I own a small business, what’s in it for me?

Your business will benefit two-fold by signing up with iSponsor. You will get access to new audiences from the sporting clubs and charitable organisations you choose to sponsor. You will also reach more members of the community who want to see local businesses like yours grow, and thrive! Learn more about iSponsor and Businesses here,

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Sponsorship for Charities is Made Simple with the Help of iSponsor!

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